Education Testimonials

“After graduating in 2006, and having never played overseas, it is safe to say I was nervous about coming to Belfast at the start of the season. From day one, the Giants organization and returning players were helpful in the transition for a successful year. The city, the Arena and the apartments are among the best I have encountered in my pro career. With the Giants being such a integral part of this community, the team offers you a chance to make your own impact outside of practices and games.

Although the MBA program is challenging, it is rewarding knowing I have this experience to help me succeed beyond life on the ice. Besides making great connections with teammates, Ulster University classmates and professors have become valuable contacts for future career paths. Being chosen as one of the few scholarship players was an honor and I will never forget how much I enjoyed my time with the Giants.”

Jon Gleed, Giants defenceman of the year & Elite League All-Star (2010-2011)

“Heading to Belfast last summer, I was a little nervous at the thought of going back to school after being out for the last eight years. The thought of sitting in class, studying for exams, and writing papers was a bit scary. However, when I arrived, I realized I was not doing it on my own, I would be going through the process with some teammates, who had all the same feeling. In addition, we were able to go to teammates who did the school program the previous year, with questions and ask for advice.

“The program is challenging, and like anything worthwhile, takes effort and commitment to achieve something of such value. Having a strong support staff made up of teammates, coaches, front office staff, and understanding Professors enabled me to pursue my Masters Degree, all the while playing hockey for a top notch organization, in an exciting foreign city.

“The ability to combine making a living playing professional hockey while obtaining a Masters Degree makes my year in Belfast stand above any other.”

Josh Prudden, Giants leading points scorer

“Playing for the Belfast Giants while pursuing a Master Degree in Sport Management at the University Ulster has been an exceptional experience. The Giants are a first class organization, providing everything you need to succeed on and off the ice. The University of Ulster is very supportive of the Giants players, the lectures and staff have been more than accommodating to our demanding schedule. 

“The Giants coaching staff and management is also cognizant of the University players time commitments away for the rink, and assist us in maximizing our study time. Belfast is one of the best cities to play in Europe. The fans, the atmosphere and the Arena are top notch. 

“I had the misfortune of incurring a serious injury while playing for the Giants, the entire organization handled the situation with class. The care and support I received from the Giants medical staff and organization was excellent, which made it much easier for me and my family to deal with the difficult situation. There is no better way to prepare for your life after hockey, and with hard work you are able to gain a Masters Degree in one year and have the time of your life while doing so. 

“If you are fortunate enough to be considered for one of the University spots on the Belfast Giants hockey club, don’t think twice. It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have enjoyed 12 years of pro hockey and I have many great memories and accomplishments, but the one that I will be most proud of is leaving the game with a Master Degree.”

Rich Seeley, Giants defenceman and former AHL captain

“To have the chance to do your MBA at any point in your life is a great opportunity; but being able to do it while still playing professional hockey was great. I realized that there was life after hockey, so preparing myself for future opportunities was a priority. It’s been a lot of work on the ice and in the classroom, but I’m so happy that I came to Belfast and had the chance to study at Ulster.”

Paul Deniset, Giant star forward (2008-2009) and member of the first MBA class