The MBA program can be taken full time over three terms (one year) or part time over six terms (two years). In the first year of the partnership with the University of Ulster, three Giants completed the MBA program full-time, and in the 2009-10 season, a further 4 players are graduating.

The full-time program starts in the middle of September with a few days of orientation. The first term runs September until January, with exams in the middle of January. Immediately after exams the second term begins, wrapping up with exams at the end of May. Following the May exams there are a few week long seminars which finish by the end of June. At that point your commitments on campus are complete, however to graduate you must complete a management project over the summer. This project can be completed from wherever you are living over the summer and is due around the middle of September.

Depending on the MSc program you are interested in, full-time or part-time options can be available. For program specific details please refer to the University of Ulster’s website or contact us for more information. Holiday breaks are given during the year for all programs, with time off from classes at both Christmas and Easter.