Moving to Belfast

Convertors for electronic devices can be purchased at airports.

Sky Tv shows most popular North American TV shows. North American sports leagues such as NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB can be viewed on ESPN America.

You can enjoy many of the same comforts you are accustomed to back home. SportsCenter, NHL Hockey and all major North American sports.

Wherever you live in Belfast, your building will have access to one of the top high speed internet networks in Europe. Belfast has a large amount of computer technology graduates and technology startup companies, and the city is small enough to have excellent wi-fi service everywhere you go. 

In the UK we drive on the opposite side of the road, most cars are manual and you can drive in the UK with a North American license. Players and partners are both insured in cars supplied by the team. 

Supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda provide almost all the common food and products you can get back home. 

The language spoken in Northern Ireland is English and the currency is the British Pound. Over the past 5 years the pound has ranged from 1.7-2 Canadian Dollars and 1.3-1.6 American Dollars. Salary is NET of taxes as the team will pay them for you. 

Triband cell phones (basically all SmartPhones) will work in the UK. To use your phone from home on a UK network you may need it to be unlocked, and you can buy a phone here and use it at home after if you prefer. Sales tax makes devices slightly more expensive here than in the US/Canada, but all the major brands can be purchased here.

Mobile phone and Internet charges are considerably less than in North America. Network providers offer fantastic international rates making it easier and more cost effective to say in touch with friends and family back home.