Other Benefits

High End Accommodation

Quality accommodation in desirable locations

National Insurance Numbers

We will make sure you apply for your National Insurance Number, which is the UK equivalent to a Social Insurance Number or a Social Security Number and gives you the full rights to work and have free public healthcare. Some teams do not get players to apply for a National Insurance Number, which becomes a major problem if a hospital emergency is required or an injury claim through the government is necessary.

University Study Opportunities

MBA places at the University of Ulster

Employment for Your Partner

Assistance with finding jobs

No Council Tax or Water Charges

Other cities in UK pay £800-1000 a year. Other teams pass these costs on to their players

Free Gym Membership

Membership at Bannatyne Health Club

Tax Slips

The Belfast Giants pay all of your taxes in full. When you leave Belfast, you will have all your official tax records so that you can prove you paid taxes in the UK.

This is not the case with all teams in the UK and not having proper tax records from the UK will be a major problem when filing taxes in Canada or the USA.

Insured Cars

Cars insured for you and your partner

#1 Sport in Belfast

Other UK teams compete with soccer (football!) and rugby. There are lots of local professional (Rugby Union), semi-professional (Football, cricket) and amateur sports (Gaelic games, field hockey, ‘American’ football, etc.) locally, but on a pure numbers basis – the Giants have more viewers than any other team in Belfast in a year!


At local restaurants

Free Golf Locally

Play for free at Shandon Golf Course

Free Movies at Odyssey Cinemas

10 screen Multiplex in the Odyssey Pavillion

Great Rink

Play at the best rink in the UK