Several competitions fall under the jurisdiction of the Elite League. In 2018-2019, the EIHL ran a total of three competitions: The League, Playoffs and Challenge Cup. The league consists of three conferences, each team playing three home games and three away games against each team in the league.

After the regular season is complete, the 8 teams with the best regular season records enter the playoffs. Unlike North America, the EIHL league championship is the primary goal for all clubs, and is commonly seen as more important than the Playoffs.

The playoffs themselves don’t follow the normal North American format: after the initial qualification, the knockout rounds result in the final four teams going forward to a single play-off weekend in April – with semi-finals on the Saturday, and a final on the Sunday.

The Challenge Cup is two five team groups played on a round robin basis at the beginning of the season. The semifinals and are two-legged games, the winner being the team with the highest aggregate score at the end of the second game. The Finals is a one game championship at a neutral site.