Style and Progression

The style of hockey currently being played in the UK is very similar to North America. This is why the majority of the imports playing in the league are recruited from Canada and the US. The hockey is slightly more physical than the European mainland which makes it a very easy transition.

Many imports in the EIHL have NHL/AHL/ECHL experience as well as top European leagues KHL/SEL/DEL.

Here is a list of players that have done well in the Elite Ice Hockey League and have subsequently moved on…

Denmark Pete Campbell
Denmark Mike Garrow
Denmark Neal Martin
Denmark Sammy Nassreddine
Denmark Trevor Koenig
Denmark David Clarke
Denmark Marek Ivan
Denmark Steve McKenna
Denmark Dan Ceman
Denmark Sean McAslan
France Lou Dickenson
France Jason Silverthorn
France Evan Cheverie
France Dan Welch
France Marc Lefebvre
France Martin Masa
France Stevie Lyle
Finland Tyson Teplitsky
Germany Duncan Dalamo
Germany JP Morin
Germany Jon Cullen
Germany Peter Aubry
Germany Dan Carlson
Germany Andreas Moberg
Germany Dan Tessier
Germany Trevor Gallant
Germany Paul Cabana
Germany Erik Anderson
Germany Daryl Andrews
Germany David Cousineau
Italy Steve Gallace
Italy Mark Smith
Italy Radoslav Hecl
Italy Joe Tallari
Italy Jason Robinson
Italy Mark Cadotte
Italy Brandon Cote
Italy Kent Simpson
Italy Jonas Lennartsson
Italy Scott Ricci
Norway Phi Osaer
Slovenia Lou Dickenson
Slovenia Jason Silverthorn
Sweden Adam Calder
Sweden Eric Beaudoin
Switzerland Rod Hinks
Switzerland Greg Owen
Switzerland Derek Becker